Sunday, 29 May 2011

M.A.C Half Lash Curler - do they work?

M.A.C Half Lash Curler

I got my hands on the new M.A.C half lash curlers last week and wanted to report back on what I think of them.  I always assess things from two points of view : one, from a make-up artist perspective and two, for my own usage.  I was with someone in the store and tested them out as I would use them on a shoot or with a bride and I thought they were great.  I have sometimes struggled with using lash curlers on people with deep set eyes and very large eyes, but with the half curlers you can curl sections at a time which is particularly good for large eyes.  I adore them for doing just the outer corner lashes too. 

M.A.C Full Size Lash Curlers v M.A.C Half Lash Curler

This morning I used them on myself.  I am sure you all know that you need to use eyelash curlers without mascara so forgive my very plain un-made face on the pictures that follow.  I have cropped the images so that I don't look too frightening for you!

 My un-curled eyelashes

Outer Lash Curling

Inner Lash Curling

The End Result - Curly or what?!

I must admit my favourite eyelash curlers are the Shu Uemura ones which really curl and not kink the lashes.  These half curlers do kink slightly, but they made me look SO awake it is hard to fault them.  As I write this 7 hours later my lashes are still great -they have softened slightly with the weight of the mascara, which is a good thing. 

This last pic was taken after the curling test, I added mascara to the bottom lashes so you can see the full effect.

My M.A.C'd lashes! (still with no make-up on - bit of gloss that's all)

In answer to the question in my title - YES! THEY DO WORK.

The half lash curlers are available in M.A.C stores throughout the UK and online. 
Price: £11.50


  1. What Do You Mean By Kink?

    1. I think she means that they don't give that unflattering and annoying angular "curl" that some curlers give when the rubber piece isn't thick enough so the metal ends up bending your lashes rather than curling them.

      I love the demi-curler! I was curious as to how well it would work so I bought it online and makes such a difference! I don't think I'd be willing to spend much on a lash curler because a basic tool like that from the drugstore will get the job done but I haven't seen any demi-curlers in drugstores so I bought the MAC one and I really love it. I'll never go back to using a regular curler because I can never get to all my lashes with them even though they are kind of long and even when I do manage to curl my corner lashes the regular curlers give kinks rather than curls; whereas the demi-curlers curl ALL the lashes AND makes them look longer because the small size makes it so much easier to curl at the root. The only fault that I can think of is that MAC doesn't sell replacement rubbers (hee hee) so if you need to replace the rubbers you have to cut a regular one to fit the curler which is fine but they don't all fit because the thickness varies so they can fall out easily. Still, I think they are so worth buying!