Friday, 19 August 2011

Three Products I Love At The Moment

This is just a short post to feature some products I currently love:

1) SANCTUARY Youth Boosting Warming Microbrasion Polish
I have used this 4 times now and already my skin looks newer, cleaner and polished.

2) Almond Oil
I buy this from Holland and Barrett and use it on damp skin (instead of body moisturiser)
as it is natural and really hydrating and CHEAP at around £3.00!

3) MANDARA SPA Island Paradise conditioning hand lotion
It smells utterly divine and the 300ml bottle will last ages.  It was half price in Sainsbury's and I love it!!


  1. I've never heard anyone else that uses Almond oil on damp skin, such a good idea. I usually use it and mix it with camomile to calm my skin if its red and puffy. Will try instead of a body moisturiser now!! thnks x

  2. It is fab! And not greasy - try it :) x