Thursday, 30 June 2011

Grow Baby Grow | HD Brows

Emily Ash of Browns Loughborough recently sent some products for me to try to help with my over-plucked / under-fashionable eyebrows and I am currently in the middle of a trial. 

I'm testing out 'Grow Baby Grow' which is an HD Brows product formulated to help eyebrows grow back to their former glory - it encourages rapid growth by increasing blood circulation to the area and provides essential nutrients.  As my eyebrows have taken a bit of a battering from my tweezers over the last..... oh gosh.... 18 years! I feel now is the time to give them some love and to show them I mean business. 

The photos below show my eyebrows before using any of the product and four days afterwards.  Over these four days I have made a thorough application twice a day making sure I cover the sparce areas carefully and painting on the clear gel above and below my natural eyebrow shape.  The product has a really fine brush (almost like a liquid eyeliner brush) so application is easy and as it is a gel, it's not at all messy either.

Before ANY Grow Baby Grow Application

Day Four of Grow Baby Grow Application (excuse the wet hair, I am a busy Mum!)
I have a habit on this site of posting THE most unflattering photos of myself, but to see things properly sometimes it is necessary.  I do think that my brows feel thicker, I really do, but is this because I am not tempted to pluck at all as this would jeopardise the test? - not sure. I wasn't really plucking them anyway as I have been trying for about 5 months to grow them, without much luck I must add, maybe Grow Baby Grow is working it's magic after just four days :)  I will take a pic again in another four days and add it to this post but in the meantime, do you think my brows look thicker? (no make has been used on my brows at all).

After this trial is over, I think the next step for me is the full HD Brow treatment - I want to be tinted, waxed, threaded and plucked to perfection too, just like the celebs!

Four Days Later..........(8 days into trial)

4 days later (same photo position and time of day)

4 days later (taken inside, shows brows in a better light)

They are definitely getting thicker. I have increased the application of Grow baby Grow to twice a day and will keep going.  These pics show my brows with NO make-up and NO dye.

A special THANK-YOU to Browns Loughborough.


  1. Hi Lucy. I need some of this stuff! Your brows look good...definitely look like they've regrown in your pic. Where can i get some? Is it available in the UK? I've overplucked too and would love to regrow back to a thicker brow. Can u help? Thanks, Emily x

  2. Hi, thanks for your interest in my article and yes grow baby grow does work. Go to a salon that does HD Brows via the HD Brow website and you might be able to get it there. Happy Growing!! :)