Thursday, 17 November 2011

Have a sniff!

The best candles I have ever, ever sniffed are by an Australian company called Sniff Soy Candles and they truly are unique in that they actually smell exactly like they say they should - a rareity.  I was in Liberty a few weeks ago and did a proper smell test of most of the candles in there, which I have to add ranged from £25 to £75 (for a candle!) anyway, I came away thinking that a lot of them smelt nice but none of them had a scent that would linger and fragrance a room properly.  

I have been very lucky to get my hands on 3 candles all the way from Australia; Rose Bud, Fresh Cut Flowers and French Verbena. See them on the website here 

I can honestly say that they smell adorable, French Verbena is my fave, and they retail at only $29AUD which is about £18. A whiffing sniffing bargain!

Mine are branded too - so I have the only Lucy Baker Make-up Sniff Candles in the world! :)

Thanks to the Sniffettes for sending these over to me to try.


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