Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Quash Your Hands

As a Professional Make-up Artist I need to ensure my hands are squeaky clean and bacteria free before I even go near to anyone's face. I have tried loads of the germ busting products on the market but none as good as the one I am about to reveal.  I honestly find most of them really drying, very chemically and awkward to use (most are sloppy gel formulations - not nice)

The one I love is QUASH.  It is 100% natural and alcohol free - have a read of the Quash claims:

Key Claims:

  • Kills 99.9% of harmful germs > lab proven
  • Alcohol free > leaves skin soft & moisturised NOT dry or cracked
  • Safe for kids > uniquely formulated to be gentle on skin. Endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.
  • Contains vitamins & minerals including manuka honey & aloe vera > to nourish your skin
  • Made in the United Kingdom
Our Hand Sanitiser Spray is ONLY made from 100% natural ingredients > free from chemicals 

This is a big shout out to anyone in the beauty, make-up, hair, salon fact any industry - this product is safe, cheap (£2.99 for 50ml) and ruddy BRILLIANT. 


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