Monday, 7 November 2011

My favourite lipbalm EVER EVER EVER

I am a total and utter lip balm addict and can confess that I have bought nearly every single one on the market over the years and I can also confess I have loved.... just about none of them. Too greasy, too expensive, too slippy, too smelly, too this and too that and none have been right - UNTIL NOW.... I am too excited about telling you about this product as it is a great price, a great product and it stays on! hurraaahhhhh.  Plus is is SPF 15, available on the high street, organic, super conditioning and and and....... it is
THE BEST LIP BALM IN THE WORLD - according to me

It is from Holland & Barrett and is just £3.25 for a 5.7ml tube. My advice to you is GO OUT AND BUY IT AND THROW ALL YOUR OTHER RUBBISH LIP BALMS AWAY!

The End

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