Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hard as Nails?

My nails have always been weak and flaky.  I hate them. In my job I use my hands a lot and make it a priority that my hands look as good as they can - but it is not always easy.

I have found a product that strengthens my nails in one coat and it is a great base coat for any nail polish too.

I love that is protects my nails from my Mum and housework duties which often strip my hands of any moisture (yes I know I should wear gloves!) and enables my nails to grow to a nice length so that they look presentable and healthy whilst I am working.

Thanks Sally Hansen

I also keep them really moisturised by using either Jessica Phenomen Oil:

Jessica Phenomen Oil

And of course by wearing household gloves!!! (New Year's Resolution)


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